10 Best TOEFL iBTCoaching Tips

10 Best TOEFL iBTCoaching Tips:


How to choose the best coaching class for TOEFLiBT



Reasons to choose a coaching center for TOEFL training


  • Improve your English
  • Familiarize yourself with the TOEFL format
  • Get immediate feedback
  • Learn time-management for completing the TOEFL
  • Train well to get high scores in the TOEFL


How do I look for a good coaching center for training for the TOEFL iBT?


  1. Experience

Some of these questions will help you determine whether the coaching center has experience in training for the TOEFL

Does the coaching center have experience in handling TOEFL students? How many years have they been in business? How much have the students of the center scored? Do they have feedback of satisfied students?


  1. Counseling


You will know you have arrived at the right place if the counselor has all information available with her/him

When you go to a coaching center, make sure they know everything about the TOEFL. How much is the registration fee? How many countries accept this score? Which Universities accept the TOEFL? How many times can I appear for the TOEFL? For how many years are the scores valid? Ask questions about your trainers, about how much time you need to get a good score; training hours; method of training. What is a good TOEFL score?

If your counselor inspires confidence that the coaching center will work for you, then you should join.



  1. Trainers


Good qualified trainers will be able to help you get good scores. They should be able to motivate you to work hard and help you with your problem areas. Make sure your trainer has good experience in training candidates like yourself.


  1. Study material


Study material does not mean having numerous TOEFL books. The Coaching center should have access to practice material that you can learn from. For example, you could listen to some radio or TV broadcasts from American channels to familiarize yourself with the American accent, since all audio tapes on the TOEFL test are in the American accent. The coaching center should also have books on essay writing, good vocabulary books and some practice test material so that your trainer can help you improve your English.


  1. Training Methodology


Any coaching center will be effective only if the trainers use good training methodology. This means that the center should not just desert you by giving you a few TOEFL books to practice from. The training should be active and interactive. The trainer should be able to sit with you and analyse your weak points and work with you on improving that area. Forexample, if you Reading section score is poor, thetrainer should make sure you have understood the given vocabulary. If time management is your problem, then your trainers should alert you on that. One-on-one trainer-student interaction and good training methodology will help you reach your target score.


  1. Internet access


The TOEFL iBT is an internet based test.You need to have good practice on the computer. There are many sections where you have to “drag and drop” answers or “highlight” and “rearrange” phrases. If you are not familiar with this terminology, you might take a lot of time on the actual test.A good coaching center should give you free access to using the computer and train you on all the different sections of the test and get you familiar with the TOEFLiBT.


  1. Strategies to score high


There are many strategies that you can use to find out the right answer. Your trainer should acquaint you with those. For example your trainer should teach you how to “skim” through a reading passage and find the right answer in a multiple choice question. You will be trained on answering MCQs through the process of elimination. You can beat down time if you know how to get straight to the point on the essay writing section. You will also be trained in listening “effectively” by taking down notes while you hear an audio recording. These are all strategies that a good training center should provide you.


  1. Online and classroom training

If the coaching center can train you online in real time, then it is very effective as you need not travel to any classroom and you can train from the comforts of your own home. Choose a training center that has both classroom training as well as online training available.


  1. Mock tests

Before the actual test, a good coaching institute will give you a couple of mock tests as a sneak preview to the actual test.You will be scored and you will know if you are actually ready to take the test.This is a very big advantage. You can go for the actual TOEFLiBT full of confidence.


  1. Time Management


Many candidates fail to score high because they could not complete the test.Every section on the TOEFLiBT has a time limit. Your time runs out for every section if you do not finish it in the stipulated time. A good coaching center will train you on how to complete the test within time.





What is TOEFL?


The TOEFL is a Test of English as a Foreign Language. As the name suggests, the TOEFL measures the ability of non-native speakers of English to use and understand English as it is spoken, written and heard in college and university settings. So if you belong to a non-english speaking country and are seeking admission into a University in USA, UK, Singapore and many European countries, where the medium of instruction is English, you will need to write the TOEFL.

Immigration authorities in many countries use the scores of TOEFL to issue resident and work visas.

Many medical and licensing agencies use TOEFL scores to issue professional certifications.


What is TOEFL iBT?


The Toefl iBT is an internet based test.You will answer questions on the computer, and this includes a speaking test where you will speak into a microphone and your answers will be recorded.

More than 98% candidates write the TOEFLiBT.


Is there any other format of writing the TOEFL if internet testing is not available in my area?


In areas where internet testing is not available then TOEFL PBT (paper based test) can be taken. The TOEFL (PBT) does not have a speaking test.


What is a good TOEFL score?


A good TOEFL score is between 100-110 for admissions into most premier universities in the USA and UK and most Universities. You could check the University website or talk to the individual admissions sections to determine the asking score.

For immigration and visa purposes please check on the website.

Check with licensing agencies about score requirements as the requirements may vary.














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