A comparison IELTS VS OET

 A comparison IELTS VS OETietlsvsoet

Both the language tests i.e. IELTS and OET have different rating scales in order to grade the students’ language proficiency, i.e. IELTS 0-9 band score, OET –A-E grade.

Most countries accept only Expert User or Good User scores for immigration, studies or job purposes to assess proficiency in the English Language.


Here is a quick comparison of the scores:


OET Grades                                                                           IELTS scores

A –       Expert user                                                                               8-9

B –       Good user                                                                                 7- 7.5

C –       Competent user                                                                       6 -6.5

D –       Modest user                                                                            5-5.5

E –       Limited user                                                                             4


Expert user –

It shows that the candidate has complete command over the language, fluency, appropriateness, accuracy.

For example, if any candidate scores, 9 in IELTS or ‘A’ in OET, means the candidate has fluency, accuracy and full comprehension of the language.


Good user

If the test taker scores either 7 – 7.5 in IELTS, or ‘B’ in OET, it shows that he/ she has command over the language but with inappropriate usage occasionally.

Good users can use complex language effectively.


Competent User–

IELTS 6-6.5 or OET ‘C’ grade means a competent user.

A competent user has the capability to speak well, also has effective command over the language, but with inapt usage and misunderstanding.

They can use complex language as well.


Modest user –

IELTS 5-5.5 or OET ‘D’ band score shows that the candidate has partial command over the language.

Moreover, he/ she can comprehend the overall meaning without any difficulty. They can use language well, but with frequent errors.


Limited user –

IELTS 4 or OET ‘E’

A limited user is one who has basic ability to speak but not able to use the language effectively.A limited user also has difficulty in comprehension.




September 16, 2016

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