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Untitled        Many OET test takers often wonder if they should take coaching before appearing for the test.Although a lot of study material is available in the market, I would strongly advocate taking pre-test coaching.

First of all, if you are unsure of your English language abilities, do get yourself assessed. It is much better to take six months preparing for the test and passing it than quickly rushing through a test and failing it and then retaking it several times.

An average user of English needs at least one month of extensive tutoring and practicing to clear the OET.

  1. Understand the pattern of the test: How is the test arranged? How many parts to each test? How much time for each test? Taking a few practice tests will familiarize you with the test and help you prepare better. You will be able to understand the areas you are not good in and concentrate more on those areas. On the test day, there will be no surprises and you will be able to take the test with a calm mind
  2. LearnStrategies on how to clear the test: TheReading, Writing, Listening and Speaking tests are specially designed to assess your capabilities in using the English language. Each part of the test assesses different abilities. Learn how to overcome any weak areas while taking the test.An experienced trainer will tell you how to find the right answers; what to look for , while reading a test, how to score well and how you can skip a few problem questions. The trainer would also work with you to identify your weak spots and coach you in that specific area in order to improve your scores.
  3. Know the types of questions: Every part of the test has different assessment questions. There are fill in the blanks, Multiple Choice Questions, a letter writing test and a speaking test where you need to be talking as a professional to your patient. Understand the skills you need to ace these tasks. A good coach will explain to you on how to find the right answers in a reading test, what a good letter format is, how to take down notes while listening to an audio recording and how to start and end a speaking role-play. The trainer will give you feedback on how you scored and how you can score better.
  4. Practice for the speaking test:  Although this is a 15-20 minutes test, you need good preparation on how to identify the tasks given on the role-play card.You should, as a professional, address each and every query of the patient and use a calm and reassuring tone at all times. This is best assessed by a an experienced and trained individual such as your OET tutor. Practice extensively for the speaking task. Practice with your tutor to get immediate feedback on your progress.
  5. Time Management:  Unless you complete the test on time you will not get a good score, however proficient you are, in the language. This would be such a waste of your preparation. Learn from your trainer, how to plan your time while writing the test.For example,  a 15 minutes reading task, may seem too daunting for you, since there is so little time. You need to read 4 short passages and answer around 20 questions. A good trainer will help you plan better: how much time to read/scan the texts and how much time to jot down the answers. A letter writing task may seem very easy as you have to write only 200 words in 45 minutes.However, to score high, attention and time should be given to reading the case notes and formulating a good letter. You need additional time to check writing errors and spelling mistakes.
April 12, 2016

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