Countries accepting the OET scores

Countries accepting the OET scorescountries

The ‘Occupational English test’ is  a  profession related test and is meant for people  with a medical back ground who plan to immigrate, work and study  in  countries like Australia and New Zealand .Assessment of the English language skills is absolutely important in these English speaking countries.The candidatesare not eligible to apply for a visa or enter these countries without clearing the test.

The Australian Health Care Councils/Boards/Agenciesfor healthcare professionals has set scores (A or B grades) in the OET as the eligibility criteria for medical professionals such as the Doctors/Nursing professionals/ Dentists/OccupationalTherapists/Pharmacists/ Podiatrists and many more professions.

Countries where the Occupational English Test scores are accepted:

  • Australia including Tasmania
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore

Many of the universities in these countries offer courses related to these professions for the candidates who wish to pursue their higher studies (graduate and post graduate programs in the respective medical related fields) .These Universities also use OET scores for admission purposes.

However,the candidates can appear for the OET inany part of the globe.

Countries where the test could be taken up:

  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States of America
  • Europe(France /Italy/Germany)
  • Asia(India/Japan and Nepal)
  • Africa(Egypt )
  • The Middle East
  • South America
  • South Korea
  • Philippines
  • Fiji Islands(Oceanic)
September 16, 2016

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