Coaching for GMAT : ONLINE COACHING AVAILABLE. Contact us at +919886052174 or info@avignalearning.com Welcome to Avigna Learning Academy, one of …


    Coaching for GMAT :

    ONLINE COACHING AVAILABLE. Contact us at +919886052174 or info@avignalearning.com

    Welcome to Avigna Learning Academy, one of the best GMAT coaching centers in Bangalore.

    Avigna learning Academy offers online GMAT coaching classes as well as classroom training in GMAT.

    What is the GMAT?

    The GMAT (The Graduate Management Admission Test) is a test designed to assess skills relevant to graduate studies in business and management. The GMAT is for applicants who are planning to study for an MBA or a PhD in Business Management.

    The GMAT score is required to get into management courses in the USA, Europe and Canada. Many schools in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand also ask for GMAT scores. GMAT introduced a new section called Integrated Reasoning in 2012, which gauges a test taker’s ability to integrate and interpret information from different sources of information (graphs, texts, tables).

    What is the scoring scale for the GMAT?

    The Verbal and Quantitative Scores range from 0-60.

    Scores for the AWA range from 0-6 in half point intervals.

    There will be Quantitative and Verbal sub-scores ranging from 0-60.

    Integrated Reasoning scores range from 1-8 in single digit intervals.

    All scores will be translated into percentile ranking which will allow business schools to quickly see where you fall.

    Course Modules for GMAT Test Preparation

    The GMAT test is computer adaptive.

    The GMAT takes about 3 ½ hours of testing.

    For the essays, and for the Integrated Reasoning sections, candidates have to type their responses

    GMAT Sections:

    Analytical Writing

    Analytical Writing Assignment (1 essay, 30 minutes).

    An argument is presented .The test taker has to analyze the argument, find flaws in the argument, present a critique of the argument and find a logical reasoning to evaluate the argument.

    Integrated Reasoning

    Integrated Reasoning (12 questions, 30 minutes).

    Integrated Reasoning questions may be quantitative or verbal or a combination of both. You will have to interpret graphs and sort table.

    You can use an online calculator for basic functions in the Integrated Reasoning section. (online calculator is not provided for the Quantitative section).

    There are four types of questions used in the Integrated Reasoning section:

    Multi-Source Reasoning

    Table Analysis

    Graphics Interpretation

    Two- Part analysis

    Verbal Section (41 questions in 75 minutes).

    This section has multiple choice questions of different types to assess your ability to comprehend written material. You need to have basic knowledge of the English language.

    There are three types of questions in the Verbal section:

    Reading Comprehension

    Critical Reasoning

    Sentence Correction

    Quantitative Section. (37 questions in 75 minutes)

    This section has multiple choice questions of different types to assess your ability to reason and solve quantitative problems as well as interpret graphic data. You need to have knowledge of arithmetic, elementary algebra and basic geometry

    There are 2 types of multiple choice questions used in the Quantitative section:

    Problem Solving

    Data Sufficiency


    Highlights of our Training

    Regular, Weekend & Crash Courses

    Unmatched Class rooms

    Comprehensive Study Material

    Section wise repeated training

    Experienced Faculty

    Reasonable Fee

    Excellent results

    Why Avigna Learning Academy?

    Our trainers will give you one-on-one attention to help you improve in each individual section of the test.

    In case you score low in one section,our trainers will customize thw coaching to help you work on that particular section.

    Coaching for essay writing

    Our trainers will help you time, plan and organize a high scoring essay.

    Learn how to frame strong sentences to support your viewpoint.

    Get rid of your frequently used grammar and spelling mistakes.

    Coaching for Integrated Reasoning

    Learn from our experienced trainers how to crack questions that ask you to interpret graphs and analyze tables and multi-source data.

    Plenty of practice exercises.

    Coaching for the Verbal Section

    Learn how to read the comprehension passages effectively.

    Strategies to select the right answer.

    Grammar brush up for SENTENCE CORRECTION exercises.

    Training in logic and reasoning for the CRITICAL REASONING section.

    Coaching for the Quantitative Section

    Coaching suited even for students who do not have a strong Math background in their high school or undergraduate levels.Learn from the basics. Plenty of practice exercises. Excellent coaching for all types of problems. Strategies to select the right answer. Solve difficult problems with ease.

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