Coaching for GRE Test Preparation ONLINE COACHING AVAILABLE. Contact us at +919886052174 or info@avignalearning.com Avigna Learning Academy is the best …


    Coaching for GRE Test Preparation

    ONLINE COACHING AVAILABLE. Contact us at +919886052174 or info@avignalearning.com

    Avigna Learning Academy is the best GRE coaching center in Bangalore. It offers both online GRE coaching as well as classroom GRE training for students.

    What is GRE Test?

    GRE tests your fundamental verbal, mathematical and writing skills.

    The GRE test (The Graduate Record Examination General Test) is a test taken by all undergraduates or graduates to get admission into a graduate program/PhD program or any other higher level /post-graduate educational program. The graduate schools or business schools, especially in USA, require a good score in the GRE along with your educational, professional and other extra-curricular credentials.

    Try to take the GRE about a year prior to your expected entrance to Graduate School—preferably during summer or early fall.

    What are the Requirements for GRE Course?

    Graduates from any discipline can write the test. Students who apply would have finished 16 years of formal education: 1st to 12th grade/standard in school and 4 years in undergraduate college.

    (In countries like India, where Universities offer 3 years B.A. or B.Sc.it is usually necessary to have an additional year of college education. A student spends 4-5 years in undergraduate courses while doing professional courses like engineering or law).

    Please check with the University you are applying to, whether you are eligible to join. All Universities require eligibility in terms of subjects,language,work experience, internships etc.Do not register for the GRE until you check the University (to which you are applying to) website.

    Course Modules for GRE Test Preparation?

    The GRE test is Computer Adaptive

    The GRE consists of about 3 hours, 40 minutes of testing

    Verbal Sections (Two 30 minute sections with approximately 20 questions each)

    Text Completion questions

    Sentence Equivalence questions

    Reading Comprehension questions

    Quantitative (Math Section) (Two-35 minute sections with approximately 20 questions each)

    Standard Multiple Choice questions

    Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

    Quantitative Comparison Questions

    Enter a Number questions

    Writing Assessments-2 essays – (2 essays, 30 minutes each)

    Analysis of an Argument Essay

    Analysis of an Issue Essay

    Scoring pattern for GRE Coaching:

    The GRE has 3 distinct scoring sections: the Quantitative and Verbal sections are scored on a range from 130-170 while the Analytical Writing Section score is reported on a scale of 0-6. The scores of each section is reported separately.

    Highlights of our Training

    Regular, Weekend & Crash Courses

    Unmatched Class rooms

    Comprehensive Study Material

    Section-wise repeated training

    Experienced Faculty

    Reasonable Fee

    Excellent results

    Why Avigna Learning Academy?

    Online coaching or classroom training or a combination of both.

    One-on-one coaching.

    Plenty of practice exercises.

    For the verbal section: Strategies to read the comprehension passages effectively and to select the right answer; grammar and vocabulary brush up for SENTENCE EQUIVALENCE and TEXT COMPLETION questions.

    For the quant section: Learn from the basics if you do not have a Math background; plenty of practice exercises; excellent coaching for all types of problems. Strategies to select the right answer. Solve difficult problems with ease.

    For the essays: Our trainers will help you time, plan and organize a high scoring essay. Learn how to frame strong sentences to support your viewpoint. Get rid of your frequent grammar and spelling mistakes.

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