Coaching for SAT : If you are planning to do your undergraduate studies in the USA you will have to …


    Coaching for SAT :

    If you are planning to do your undergraduate studies in the USA you will have to write your SAT. Plan to write your SAT in the beginning of your 12th grade or towards the end of your 11th grade(between March and September of the year previous to your admission to the University). For example, if you plan to start college in August 2013, finish writing your SAT by end 2012. This will give you enough time for your scores to be sent to different Universities and for them to respond to you. You can repeat taking the SAT any number of times to better your scores. So if you feel that you need to rewrite the SAT, you can write it early in the year, so that you can wait for your scores and decide on whether you need to rewrite and the areas you need to improve in.


    At Avigna Learning Academy, we will help you plan and prepare for your exam. Our trainers will advise you on how to plan your studies and also identify your problem areas and work on them.

    The SAT (The Scholastic Aptitude Test) is usually taken by High School students(11th and 12 th grade/class)to get into undergraduate courses in colleges/universities in the USA and is accepted in Canada, Singapore and some other Universities. Check the University website to see if they accept SAT scores in addition to your High School scores.

    The Scholastic Aptitude Test, technically called the SAT-I, comprises of a general test assessing critical reading, quantitative reasoning and writing skills. The SAT is a series of small mini-tests and with proper preparation, it is not too difficult to get a good score. Make a time-table to plan your studies. Analyze your weak areas and spend extra hours on your problem areas.

    Scores for each of the sections is between 200 and 800. The total scores for all three sections is therefore 2400. Ivy league colleges obviously expect scores above 2000. However, if you have lower scores, there are many good Universities that will accept you.

    Each correct answer gets you one point and each incorrect answer makes you lose 1/4 points. You lose no points if you omit questions. At Avigna Learning Academy, learn how to maximize your scores and time your answers.


    SAT Sections

    The Critical Reading section (70 mins).Score : 200-800

    Reading comprehension

    Sentence Completions

    Paragraph length critical reading

    Mathematics (70 mins).Score : 200-800

    Number and operations

    Algebra and functions


    Statistics, probability and data analysis

    The Writing Section (60 mins). Score : 200-800

    Multiple choice writing questions (35 mins)

    Essay (25 mins)

    For more details, log on to http://www.collegeboard.com/

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