Job Preparatory Training

Job Preparatory Training: Goal Setting: At Avigna Learning Academy, learn how to plan your career. Most freshers and first time …


    Job Preparatory Training:

    Goal Setting:

    • At Avigna Learning Academy, learn how to plan your career. Most freshers and first time job seekers are confused about many things—the world offers many opportunities to you. You are confused about which opportunity to pick. You can learn how to present yourself with clarity at Avigna Learning Academy. Learn to process your thoughts and talk to your interviewers confidently.

    What sort of job are you looking at? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Set short term and long term goals. Plan your career.


    At Avigna Learning Academy, learn how to prepare your own resume. A resume is the first point of contact with the company that plans to hire you. Highlight your strengths. Modify your resume according to the position and company you are applying to. Impress the company with your skill sets. Make the company want to hire you.
    Learn to also prepare an effective cover letter. A cover letter is a letter you send along with your resume to introduce yourself.
    More importantly, learn the importance of writing without spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. Errors in a letter stand out glaringly and the HR from the company might reject you without even reading your resume!


    The key to ace an interview is your physical appearance. As they say, the first impression matters the most. It is not correct for you to appear for an interview dressed in the wrong type of clothes and shoes. At Avigna Learning Academy, we give you tips on what to wear for an interview – for both men and women. What is formal wear? What are the shoes to wear for an interview? Is jewellery allowed? How much make-up to put on? At Avigna Learning Academy, learn simple and inexpensive ways to look smart and presentable.


    Avigna Learning Academy trains you in all aspects of interview taking skills. Feel nervous about attending an interview? You can feel nervous without showing it. We train you on how to improve your body language and present yourself well. What are the commonly asked questions? Learn how to go prepared with answers. What do you do if you do not know the answer? Learn all this and more. At Avigna Learning Academy, our trainers video track the entire mock interview. You can see for yourself where you might have gone wrong. Our trainers will evaluate you and give you tips on how to improve.
    By the end of the training, you will see yourself stride into an interview with confidence!


    Many companies conduct GDs or Group Discussions to analyze how you communicate with others.There are different types of GDs. At Avigna Learning Academy, learn how to go through a GD. How do you take the lead? Participate and make yourself heard. Plenty of practice topics are given to make you feel confident about speaking on any topic. Our trainers will train you on how to conduct yourself throughout the GD. Learn to speak confidently and not get intimidated by loud and aggressive speakers in the discussion.


    Good presentation skills are a must for any person in the corporate environment.At Avigna Learning Academy, we train you on how to present a project or a topic. From grooming tips to gestures and voice modulation, our trainers will coach you on all aspects. Video tracking of mock presentations and evaluation by our trainers will help you gain more confidence and help you improve on your presentation skills.

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