PGCET or Karnataka Post-Graduate Common Entrance Test is conducted by the Karnataka Examinations Authority (Government of Karnataka) for admission to …


    PGCET or Karnataka Post-Graduate Common Entrance Test is conducted by the Karnataka Examinations Authority (Government of Karnataka) for admission to MBA and MCA Courses in Karnataka.

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    The Question Paper for MBA shall contain objective type questions only, with varying degree of difficulty. The question paper contains 100 questions of One Mark each, covering the full syllabus uniformly

    The MBA Question paper is divided into two parts:

    Part 1

    Section A – Proficiency in English Language                      25 Marks

    Section B – Test of General Knowledge                              25 Marks

    Part 2

    Section C – Test of Reasoning & General Intelligence      25 Marks

    Section D – Quantitative Analysis                                        25 Marks

    The question paper for MCA shall comprise of 80 questions to be answered in 2 hours time. All the questions are of objective type with 4 choices for the answer out of which only one shall be correct, which the candidate has to mark. There shall be two parts A & B. Part – A shall consist of 60 questions of 1 mark each and Part – B shall consist of 20 questions of 2 marks each covering the full syllabus. If a question has not been attempted, no credit will be given.


    A typical MBA/MCA paper may contain questions such as

    1. Choose the word or phrase that gives similar meaning.


    (a)clever   (b)naive    (c)worried    (d)cautious

    1. Select the most suitable word (s) to fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

    Normally an individual thunderstorm lasts about 45 minutes, but under certain conditions the storm may _______ for as       long as four hours.

    (a)wane   (b)moderate    (c)persist    (d)disperse

    1. Select the correct word that matches the earlier word.

    ‘Annoyed’ is to ‘furious’ as ‘pleased’ is to

    (a)satisfied   (b)helped    (c)delighted    (d)angry

    1. Select a word that gives the opposite meaning.


    (a)Imprison    (b)Accuse    (c)Tax    (d)Expel

    1. This Indian received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1998 for his contributions to welfare economics.

    (a)Ronald Coase    (b)PeterDrucker(c)AmartyaSen    (d)P.N. Dhar

    1. In a coded language ABHIGIT is written as CEJLLLV. How is BROTHER written in that code ?

    (a)ETRVKGU    (b)DUQWJHT    (c)DURWJIT    (d)EUQWKHT

    1. What principal would yield a simple interest of Rs. 30, invested at 5% for 6 months ?

    (a)1300   (b)1200    (c)1000    (d)2000


    KMAT is conducted by KARNATAKA PRIVATE POST-GRADUATE COLLEGES’ ASSOCIATION for admission to MBA and MCA Courses. Syllabus is similar to that of PGCET.

    Note : K-MAT Test pattern, scope, arrangement, variety, difficulty level etc. in the actual question paper may vary from year to year.



    Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is a standardized test being administered since 1988 to facilitate Business Schools (B-Schools) to screen candidates for admission to MBA and allied programmes. Govt. of India, Ministry of HRD approved MAT as a national level test in 2003.

    Any B-School – national or international – can consider the MAT Score as an admission input based on the Score Cards issued to the candidates.

    MAT Exam Pattern

    It is an objective type test with multiple choice answers.

    MAT consist of five sections (Language Comprehension, Mathematical skills, Data Interpretation, Intelligence and critical reasoning, and Indian and Global Environment) and each section has 40 questions.

    Test time is only 150 minutes.

    The test is designed to measure a person’s general aptitudes.

    There is negative marking and one fourth marks is deducted for each wrong answers.

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    Individual attention to needs of the students.

    Mock Tests.

    Option of full-fledged or crash courses.

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