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Soft Skills or behavioral skills among employees are very essential at the workplace since the productivity of the company is …


    Soft Skills or behavioral skills among employees are very essential at the workplace since the productivity of the company is closely connected to the interaction between their own employees and interaction between their employees and their clients. Any enterprise where the employees cannot work together as a team cannot last long. Moreover, if a company produces a product but cannot sell it because of insufficient interaction with their existing or prospective clients, this will also spell doom for the company. If you are in a junior position, effective interpersonal and team building skills will ensure you success so that you can get promoted to higher positions quickly. Senior executives need good communication styles to ensure that the people working under them are happy and are able to contribute more to the company.

    Companies today give 85% importance to your communication skills and 15% attention to your technical and professional abilities while hiring you and appraising you for your abilities.

    At Avigna Learning Academy, get trained to improve your communication skills so that you can manage conflicts and stress at the workplace. Learn how to interact with your colleagues and clients. Make your technical brilliance get noticed by presenting yourself well to all the people interacting with you. Become a leader by constantly motivating others to improve their skill sets. Understand your own areas of weakness and work on them.

    • Emotional Quotient/Self Esteem/Attitude.

    This is the right start to your communication skills training – Know yourself. What is your EQ or Emotional Intelligence? Do you let your emotions rule you? Get the competitive edge at your workplace or home by knowing how to control your emotions under different situations. Through quizzes and interactions to real life situations get to know more about yourself. Boost up your Self Esteem and your Attitude towards work and life. In the business environment and in your social and personal interactions with others.

    • Effective Communication

    Do people hear what you say? Can you convince people that you are right? Non-verbal communication such as body language, eye-contact, posture, gestures to make people notice you in a crowd. Develop good listening skills. Different role-plays to help you communicate even hard to communicate messages. Learn how and when to give a compliment, say sorry, deliver unpleasant news. Develop your personality.

    • Telephone Etiquette

    Get noticed over the phone! With a lot of business communication being conducted over the phone, learn to communicate effectively even when people cannot see you. Learn the importance of good listening skills, clear speech, friendly tone and voice.

    • E-Mail Etiquette

    Write exactly what you mean. Remember people cannot see you or hear you. Follow correct mail etiquettes. Avoid misunderstandings. Write assertive letters to get what you want.

    • Time Management/Organizational skills

    Work smart. Be stress free. Advance your career, achieve your goals by finishing your work on time. Learn how to multi-task and organize your work so that you get plenty of time to relax.

    •  Team Building/Interpersonal skills

    Be a good team builder as well as a great team player. Learn how to work within a team and motivate others to work with you. Use your communication skills to build long-lasting relationships at the workplace. Very useful to advance your career.

    •  Leadership Skills/Assertiveness

    Lead effectively. Leaders are not necessarily born. You can be groomed to be a leader. Learn to be assertive without being bossy. Don’t give a chance for insubordination. Lead from the front.

    • Conduct effective Interviews

    A must for middle level managers. Learn how to choose the right person for your company. Make the interview candidate at home. Make sure the candidate wants to join your company.

    • Participating in meetings and group discussions

    Make sure you are noticed in a group. Present new ideas effectively. Participate. Contribute.

    •  Presentation Skills

    Hold the attention of your audience. We train you in all the aspects of a good presentation. Organizing your presentation, making your power point templates visually attractive, choosing your visual aids. Seating arrangements, capturing the attention of your audience through your voice, eye contact and gestures. How to deal with questions. How to manage awkward situations. Make an actual presentation, get yourself video tracked, get evaluated by our trainers.

    • Negotiation skills

    Negotiate effectively. Different steps of planning a negotiation. Learn good negotiation behavior. How negotiation is different from bargaining. Negotiate with multiple parties. Case study/Negotiation project to help you get a feel of negotiation.

    • Business Etiquettes

    Includes business etiquettes in different countries – greeting people, dining etiquettes, grooming, dressing for different occasions etc.

    • Seminar/Convention etiquette

    Organize a seminar/convention. From invitations, to seating arrangements, time schedules for speeches, scheduling breaks, question hour etc.

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