English Courses

Enhance your spoken and written English skills. At Avigna Learning Academy our interactive coaching methodology and multi-media presentations help you improve your English in no time. Climb up the ladder of success in your profession by learning to write effective emails and speak english with confidence. The well structured curriculum at Avigna Learning Academy ensures that you learn English at your own pace.

Talk to our counselor and trainer before you start your course. They will be able to determine the level you should join and advise you accordingly. Do not be in a hurry to finish your course. It takes time to learn a language. If you are a beginner, it might take minimum six months to speak and write correct English. However, time spent with our trainers will be worth it. Walk out of our institute with greater confidence!


1Speak English Confidently30hrs4000/-
2English Fluency35hrs6500/-
3English Start up30hrs6500/-
4Business/Professional/Written Communication35hrs6500/-
5Private Tutoring35hrs5500/-

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