How can Nurses get jobs in Australia after passing the OET?

How can Nurses get jobs in Australia after passing the OET:Social-Listening

If you are a nurse (with a diploma or B.Sc. or M.Sc.), you could apply for jobs in Australia. There is an increasing demandfor Nurses in Australia and this country provides ample career opportunities for Nurses.
As a Nurse, your admission into the country depends on your age, experience, qualifications and where you studied. You will also be assessed for English proficiency.
*Before making plans, please do refer to the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Control (DIBP) website to the criteria required for immigration into the country, as rules may be subject to change from time to time.
What are the assessments I have to take to get registered as a nurse in Australia?
You need to pass the OET or IELTS (English proficiency tests)and submit your qualifications and experience to the registration body
Which registration body should I approach?
The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia registers internationally qualified nurses.(Please refer to their website for useful information)
What is the process for registration?
A partial license /decision letter would be issued once these professionals get through the adaptation program. The candidate has to fill the formats along with the supporting documents and the assessment is done by AHPRA-(The Australian Health Practitioner’s Regulatory Authority)
How much time is required?
It could take a week or even a month and depends on the officers handling each candidate, state wise.
What are the steps in immigration?
Once the registration of the Nursing professionals is done, the nurses may be eligible to apply for a PR status (Permanent Residency) and the candidate would travel on a work visa sponsored by the employer (the hospital)

Does work experience count when applying for a job?

Yes, it does. A year’s experience is required for fulfilling the registration process but a candidate with three years of work experience would have better job opportunities and more prospects

How can I get a job in Australia after OET?

After clearing ‘The Occupational English Test’ which is a profession related English proficiency test the candidate has to finish the “Adaptation program” which is mandatory and certified by The Australian Health Practitioner’s Regulatory Authority, and then apply for jobs

What are the accepted scores for OET?

The candidate needs to get a ‘B ‘grade in all the four modules: Reading/Listening/Writing and Speaking. That is approximately (65%-67%). In case, the candidate is able to score grade ‘B’ in any of the two modules and scores C in the remaining two modules, then, he /she has to take up all the modules once again to obtain” B “

How can I find a job?–where can I apply?

The health care professionals: nurses, doctors and dentists after getting registered, need to get connected to the recruitment agencies, known acquaintances or apply on the job portals. Preference is always given to experienced nurses.
What is the three months “bridging “course? What is the eligibility to apply for this course?

If a nurse does not meet the criteria for registration by the NMBA (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia), nurses have to take a bridging course to meet the registration standards. Graduates /Post Graduates are eligible to apply for this three month course called the ‘Adaptation Course’ which has four weeks of intensive training on the theory subjects and six weeks of the practical sessions, before they qualify for the clinical placements

Can we take the bridge course in India?
The bridge course is available in several educational institutions in Australia but you must check out the authenticity of these places before you pay and enroll.
It is not available in India

What is the cost involved for a bridging program?
Travel, living and course fees would cost about 15,000 AUD

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