How to write a good SOP for MS in Engineering

How to write a good SOP for MS in Engineering:



 On a note-pad note down the courses you are applying to. Try keeping at least 3-4 different programs—in case you do not get admission into one, you will still have another choice.
 Note down different Universities you will apply to. This could be from your own research online or from a family member or friend who has applied before or knows something .Study Abroad agents will also be able to help you.
 Study each University in detail by going through their websites. Which eminent professors do they have? What kind of research is going on in these Universities? Any well-known alumni from this school?
 Jot down your career goals
 Jot down your experiences from High School and from your work experience if any.

Prepare a rough draft of your SOP:

 It is always good to start with an anecdote or humorous experience that led you to believe that this is your area of interest.
 Explain when you started believing in your interest of being an engineer
 Who motivated you?Parent?Teacher?—you must not come out being without focus. Make it seem like someone saw your interest, some spark in you and suggested that you follow this path.
 Mention projects done in school and college that helped you learn more about engineering/science.
 Work experience—even if you were an unpaid intern, mention what you learnt from each experience. Show how you stood out at work—that you were a team player, had leadership skills, was appreciated by your boss/mentor/teacher
 Your learning from your work-experience should be something new that you did not learn at school/college. Highlight what extra bits you learnt from your hands-on experience.
 Show yourself as multi-faceted—what are your other interests? This does not mean hobbies, but extra-curricular activities that brought you recognition. If you have never participated in extra-curricular activities or any sports don’t mention anything
 Awards, papers presented if any, organized/participated in seminars,symposia,workshops
 Why did you choose this University? Mention if this is highly ranked; known for this engineering subject/department/research in this area/professors/placement opportunities
 What are your career goals?
 How will you fit into this University? What uniqueness will you bring to the university?—if you have read up about the University, you could say that you will join one of the clubs or be an organizer for some important annual event that you are interested in.

Finalize your SOP:

 Write an error free SOP—no spelling mistakes, grammatical errors
 Make sure you are within the word limit prescribed (usually800-1000 words)
 Structure the SOP well—it should flow naturally
 Be creative—make it look you are telling a story and not re-writing your resume.

December 6, 2016

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