1.What is IELTS?
IELTS means International English Language Testing Scheme


2.Which countries accept the IELTS scores?
Most of the English speaking countries accept IELTS scores.
3.Is it a common test for immigration and higher studies?
No. The test is available in 2 modules 1. IELTS Academic- for Higher studies and 2. IELTS General – for Immigration
4.What is the validity of the IELTS scores?
IELTS Test scores have 2 years validity.
5.What is the best score in IELTS?
It depends up on the module. But on the whole for some countries 6.5 is enough whereas for other countries 7 is the acceptable scores.
6.How much do I need to score if I want to study in Australia?
You must score 7 in all modules if you wish to study in Australia.
7.What is the acceptable IELTS for Canadian embassy visa?
Yes. IELTS scores are acceptable for Canada visa.
8.I am a Doctor. Can I take up IELTS?
Yes. You can take up IELTS.
9.How many modules are there in IELTS?
There are 2 modules in IELTS. i.e. General and Academic.
10.What is the maximum marks limit in IELTS?
There is no such criteria, as the scores will be awarded in band score form. But for listening and reading there is such limit i.e. 40 marks each.
11.Can you tell me about IELTS scoring pattern?
IELTS score will be awarded based upon the number of points that one has scored in reading and listening. Whereas, for writing and speaking they follow the rubrics set by the council.
12.What is the IELTS rating scale?
It is 0-9 band score.
13.If I overall band score: 7.5”, can I migrate to Australia?
No. For Australia, you have to score 7 or more in each module.
14.Can I write IELTS, I want to study in the USA?
As most of the US universities ask for TOEFL scores, you need to chck with the universities whether they need TOEFL or IELTS.
15.Is there any special IELTS test, especially, for UK?
Yes. Its IELTS Life skills that is accepted by the UK Visas and Immigration (as proof of English proficiency for those wishing to live, work and study in the UK.
16.What is IDP?
International Development program
17.What is the difference between British council IELTS and IDP IELTS?
IDP and British council are two different organisations conducting IELTS test across the world. There is no such difference
18.Which is widely accepted, either British council IELTS or IDP IELTS?
Both are acceptable. There is no such discrimination.
19.What is the best score to go for higher studies in Germany?
6.5 is the minimum IELTS acceptable score for Germany.
20.If I score 6.5, can I go for higher studies in UK?
Yes you can go. But if you aim for the best universities, its always better to sore more.
21.What is the IELTS fee?
It changes time to time. As of now it is 11300 INR.
22.How much do I need to pay for British council IELTS exam?
It is 11300INR.
23.Within how many days, will I get my test result?
It usually takes 13 business days to declare the result.
24.Can I migrate to abroad, if I write, IELTS Academic?
In general IELTS General is for immigration purpose except the Healthcare professionals. Apart from them others need to have IELTS General Scores in order to migrate.
25.What is IELTS Academic?
It is a module that has designed for those who wish to study abroad.
26.What is IELTS General?
It is another module that has intended for immigration purpose.
27.Which is easy: British council IELTS or IDP IELTS?
Both are equally tough.
28.Do I need to submit any documents at the time of booking?
No need of any documents.
29.How to book the test date?
You can book through online.
30.How do I know that whether my application is accepted is not?
You will get a confirmation mail if you application is accepted.
31.Do I need to send any documents to the council?
No. Council doesn’t ask for any documents.
32.Can I retake the test?
Yes. Anyone can retake the test if he/ she feels that the scores are not adequate.
33.Does my wife/ husband also needs to take up IELTS, if we wish to migrate to abroad?
Its better if your spouse also take up the test even he/she would like to apply for dependent visa with which the primary applicant will gain more points.
34.How many times per year they conduct the test dates?
Every month on 2 or 3 prefixed test dates they conduct the test.
35.Can I check on line the available test dates?
Yes. You can check the test dates availability as per date wise or venue wise through online.
36.Can I apply for the test in person?
No. Through online only you can submit your application
37.What is the mode of the payment?
Debit card or Demand draft.
38.Do I need to send the council any documents if I pay fee through demand draft?
Yes. You need to send your scanned copy of your passport and fee paid receipt to the mail id that they mention at the end of the test booking confirmation mail.
39.What is the acceptable score for express entry Canada visa?
8 is the best score if you wish to apply under express entry for Canada Visa.
40.Do I need IELTS to go to France?
Yes. You need to submit your scores along with the DELF Scores.



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