Listening tips

  • Listen carefully
  • Listen to Health related topics and make notes of it daily at least for 30mins
  • Note down the points neatly
  • Manage the time
  • PREDICT some answers if you can.
  • Identify the key words
  • WRITE concise phrases instead of full sentences
  • DO use common abbreviations such as:
    •    “HR” for heart rate
    •    “SOB” for shortness of breath
  • MOVE on to the next question if you realise you have missed one, then go back and GUESS an answer if you can
  •  PRACTISE as much as you can!!!!!

Let’s discuss it with an example.


It is a talk about congenital heart diseases in level two hospitals.

  • Before listening, we need to predict some answers as we read the text.
  • For ex:

• Fraction of babies retrieved:_______________

Here we can guess that the answer would be either in % form or else fraction form.

•Unable to provide

• ___________

• intubation


Here, they have already given two options as incubation and ventilation, so we need to guess the 3rd option even before listening.

The answer would be a sort of supportas they have clearly specified two lifesaving supports.

Like this we need to predict at least a few answers before listen to the audio.

Now let’s see the answers.




June 1, 2016

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