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Ideally speaking, if you go through the OET website you will see some practice materials and a lot of information about how to take the test.You order books from them can also and study from those. Some of your seniors may have old papers to work from. However all these study sources may fetch you information but can you be assured of getting the required A or B grades?

An OET test costs about 30,000 INR/587 AUD (2017 prices).It is best to take the test once and not repeat the test.This will cost you additional money, time and unnecessary tension as your visa process will be held up.

My strong opinion is that taking coaching from a private tutor or from an institute like ours—Avigna Learning Academy –will fetch you assured results.

How does coaching for OET help you?

Since you are a professional, you are most probably working long hours at the hospital or your clinic. In reality you do not have time to put away to study as you did in your student days. Some of you are married and with kids and a family to look after. Inevitably you will keep away the few hours that you have extra to relax or spend with family. It is rare that you will keep away time for “study”.

An OET coaching class makes a study plan for you that will help you schedule 1 or 2 hours every day. OET coaching classes will help you go through all the study material in a systematic way.

OET coaching classes assess your English proficiency and gives you feedback

Perhaps through school and college you would know how well you performed in your English language class.

If you are an average user of English—that is, if you have only working knowledge in English but are not fluent in English and cannot express well, then a coaching class will help you improve, by giving you constant feedback on your performance. An experienced teacher will assess your weaknesses and help you overcome them. Maybe your reading skills need improvement. Perhaps your communication during role-plays (speaking test) is not terribly good. Then, more coaching will be given to you to improve on your reading and speaking skills and probably lesser for listening and writing skills.

Even if you are a very good user of the English language, how well you do on the actual OET test depends on your test taking abilities.OET coaching classes help you improve on every count so that you can easily get and A or B on all the OET sub-tests.

OET Coaching classes help you understand the OET test pattern 

It is very important to know the pattern of the test.Since 4 skills—Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening are assessed, you must know how the entire OET test is formatted.

Which skill is tested first? How many parts does each test have? Each sub-test has a different time-limit. Taking a few practice tests will familiarize you with the test and help you prepare better. You must be familiar with that as well. It is so important that on the final test day you are well prepared and there are no surprises


OET Coaching classes help you with strategies to clear the OET test:

The OET assesses each of your skills separately by grading each sub-test separately. For every skill, there are different strategies. For example, for the Reading passages, a good trainer will tell you how and where to find the answers. For the role-plays you will learn how important it is to complete all the “tasks” and how you should modulate your voice and talk to your patient (examiner) and how you can get maximum marks on your speaking test.In the writing test you will be trained on the format of a referral letter and how to summarize the matter given in the notes to make up a good referral letter.

Most important strategy would be to pay attention to all the instruction given and to recognize the different question types.

OET coaching classes will help you get familiar with different question types

Every part of the test has different assessment questions. There are fill in the blanks, Multiple Choice Questions and Fill in the Blanks in a Reading test.

For the listening test, you need to write down answers as you listen to the audio tape.

For the writing task you need to know how to put in the required set of information and how to weed out unimportant information

The speaking task, although 20 minutes long.requires a lot of coaching. This is because you need to pay the role of the professional, treating a patient (examiner) and fulfil all tasks as given on the role-play card.There is no scope for you to digress and put in word from your imagination. If coached properly, it is very easy to get even an A in this sub-test.

OET Coaching classes help you with managing you time on the test

As with a test or exam, it is imperative that you finish all the sub sections on the OET test on time. You may have studied well for the test but if you do not finish on time, you obviously score low. Therefore you lose out on the score just because of your incomplete test.

For example, a 15 minutes reading task, may seem too daunting for you, since there is so little time. You need to read 4 short passages and answer around 20 questions. A good trainer will help you plan better: how much time to read/scan the texts and how much time to jot down the answers.

A letter writing task may seem very easy as you have to write only 200 words in 45 minutes. However, to score high, attention and time should be given to reading the case notes and formulating a good letter. You need additional time to check writing errors and spelling mistakes.

A good trainer will help you manage your time in all these tests.

OET coaching classes will give you practice tests

Before appearing for the final OET, you must take a few mock tests that simulate the real test.This means you take the sub tests in the same order as they appear in the final OET.Also, you need to finish on time. Your trainer will give you feedback in the form of grades. See how you fare. Get feedback from your trainer on which skill you need to train better in. Check whether you lag behind on time and whether you were able to finish.

Taking a mock test or two will help you feel confident on the final day of the test.


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November 23, 2017

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