1.What is OET?
The Occupational English test.


2.Who accept OET?
Please check the link to know more details.


3.Who can take up OET?
All, Healthcare professional can take up the test.
4.What is the rating scale in OET?
It is A-E.


5.What is the acceptable band score in OET?
B grade is the acceptable score.


6.What is the OET scores validity?
The test scores are valid for 2 years.


7.How many time per year can I take up OET?
There is no such restrictions on the number of attempts per ear.


8.I am a software engineer. I want to go to Australia. Can I take up OET?
No. it is an English Language test that has specially designed for healthcare professionals.


9.How to apply for OET?
You can apply for it through online.


10.Do I need to submit any documents while booking the test date?
No need to submit any documents at the time of test date booking.


11.Can I re take the test?
Yes. If you can re take the test.


12.How many times I can retake the test?
There is no limitations on the number of attempts.


13.Can I club two test scores?
Yes. You can club the two consequent test scores.


14.Can I get visa if I clear OET?
It depends upon the profession. For ex: Nurses can start visa process immediately they clear OET. But where as Doctors, Physiotherapists, Dentists, Pharmacists need to clear other test that is conducted by the certain boards or councils respectively.


15.Do I need to complete any course after OET?
If you are a nurse you need to complete Adaptation course.


16.Do I need to take up Physiotherapist council exam after clearing OET, if I wish to work in Australia?
Yes. You need to score 45-55% marks tin that exam.


17.I am a radiologist. Can I take up OET?
Yes. You can apply for OET Radiology.


18.What is the test fee?
It is 587 AUD.


19.How can I pay the test fee?
Through credit card only you need to pay the test fee.


20.Can I apply for the test in person?
No. it is not possible.


21.What is the acceptable Id proof?
Passport is the acceptable id.


22.How to know more details about the OET test dates?
You can log on to www. Occupationalenglishtest.com


23.How many times per year does the council conduct the test?
Throughout the year, the council conduct the test on particular prefixed test dates.


24.In how many countries, does the council conduct OET test?
Almost in 42 countries council conducts the test.


25.How many modules are there in OET?
There are 4 modules in the test.


26.What is the syllabus for OET?
There is particular syllabus for it. All health related topics can be practiced.


27.What topics do we generally get for OET exam?
As there is no repetition of the topics in the OET test, it’s tough to conclude that only certain topics they ask. It’s better to practice as much as you can.


28.Can I use pencil for the OET test?
Yes you can use either pen or pencil.


29.How many days does it take to publish the results?
Usually it takes 15-20 business days to publish the results.


30.How will I get my results?
To the register mail id the council will send the results.


31.Can I order later for extra result statements?
Yes you can order for extra result statements either at the time of test date booking or else later.


32.Where can I get the need information about the OE test?
In the OET website you can get more information about the test.


33.How to clear OET?
Through proper practice one can clear the test.


34.Is it only for healthcare professionals?
Yes. It is only for them.


35.Where can I get the practice material?
You can access only a few test samples in the official website. If you wish to purchase it you can try in OET website materials page where you can purchase materials.


36.Can I download the materials from OET website?
You can download a few free samples only.


37.What are the useful sites for practice?
www.abcradio.comwww.bbcradio.com , medical journals… will help the test takers to prepare well for the test.
38.How to get “B” band score?
With proper practice and guidance, one  can score B grade easily.


39.Is it mandatory to get “B” in all modules?
Yes. It’s mandatory to get B  grade in all modules.


40.What happens if I got ‘C’ in one module and other modules ‘B’?
The candidate needs to take up the whole test, if he/she wish to go to Australia. If they op for New Zealand, they can take up that one module only.


41.Can I re take the test if I want to go to New Zealand?
Yes. You can retake the test that too the module you could not score “B” grade, if you want to register as a healthcare professional in New Zealand.


42.Can I club the test scores?
Yes. As per the revised AHPRA Rules 2016, you can club two subsequent test scores.


43.What are the limitations for clubbing of the scores?
If you wish to club two consequent test scores, in the second attempt no module score should be “D”.


44.Can I submit the test scores to Australia immigration, if I club two tests scores?
Yes. You can submit such scores even for Australia. But you should score “D” grade in any module.


45.Which countries accept OET scores?
Australia, New Zealand and Singapore accept the OET Test scores.


46.Is there any difference in OET test taking options, especially in Australia and
New Zealand?
Yes. There is a difference.
For Australia, you need to take up the whole test, even if you wish to re take the test in order to club the scores.
If it is New Zealand, you can retake the module that you fail to get “B” in first attempt.

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