PTE Academic Reading Test Pattern

In PTE Academic, Reading module is the second part. It tests the test takers ability to understand the contents of a reading passage given to them.

The reading test has to be completed within approximately 40 minutes. There are several tasks or question types and 2-3 tasks under each question type.

Let’s see the PTE Academic Reading test pattern in detail.

  1. Multiple choice single answer

 Here the candidate needs to identify one correct answer as he/she reads the given passage.

Now look at the given example:








1.Multiple choice multiple answersIn this section, the applicant has to identify more than one answer for each question.

















Jumbled paragraphs

In this section the test taker has to re arrange the given paragraphs in a sequential or meaningful manner.

Look at this example:


pte training bangalroe















Fill in the blanks:

There are two different types of fill in the blanks questions that they ask in the test.


Drag and drop mode: – In this, as you guess the answer, you need to drag the answer from the box below and fill the correct blank.


pte-training -bangalore












Select from the drop down box

In this section, a drop-down menu will appear when the candidate clicks on each blank. As it appears, you can select an answer from each menu.

Most of us (1) …………………… to have, or like to think we have, a sense of humor. It makes us better company and is an effective way of dealing with the various annoyances and frustrations that life brings, whether (2) …………………… by people or by circumstances. We assume that it gives us the ability to laugh at ourselves, even when others make (3)………………….. of us. Now, what is the difference between humor and satire, and is it true, as many people seem to think, that humorists are on the whole optimistic and sympathetic, while satirists are cynical and negative? I will be taking two writers – Henry Fielding, a writer of comedy, and Jonathan Swift, a satirist – to examine what the differences might be and how much a comic or satiric view of things is a matter of character and temperament, and to see how much the lives these two men led coincided with their respective visions. However, first I’d like to put (4) …………………… a theory of sorts that would seem to reverse the general idea that humor is a positive and satire a negative view of the world. Humor is a way of accepting things as they are. Confronted with human stupidity, greed, vice, and so on, you shrug your shoulders, laugh, and carry on. After all, there is nothing to be done. Human nature is unchanging and we will never reform and improve ourselves. Satirists, on the other hand, begin with the idea that making fun of the follies of man is a very (5) …………………… way of reforming them. Surely, in believing this they, rather than the humorists, are the optimists, however angry they may be.


  1. Demand        Look                            Claim                           Deserve
  2. Caused         Brought                       Made                           Effected
  3. Joke             Conversation               Fun                              Entertainment
  4. Up                In                                 Down                          Forward
  5. Handy         Effective                     Decent                          Logical



Though the test looks complicated, easily one can score more marks in this section, if they can focus more. Along with this, those whoever, has the command over the language, it would be easier for them than the others to attain the higher band score.


September 24, 2017

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