1.What is PTE?

PTE Means Pearson Test of English.


2.Which countries accept PTE score?

Most of the universities throughout the world accept PTE Scores. Along with this, Australia accepts it for immigration purpose as well.


3.Is it a paper based test?

No.Itis  a computer basedtest.

4.How many modules are there in PTE?

There are four modules in PTE.

5.How many times per year the council conduct the PTE test?

Concil conducts the test every month on prefixed dates.

6.How difficult the PTE is?

As it maintains high language standards, usually it seems to be dificult. But with perfect study plan it’s easy to clear PTE Test .

7.Which is best PTE or IELTS?

It depends on the candidate requirements, language skills, ability to take up the test..

8.Either TOEFL or PTE, which is easy to clear?

Both are challenging. Without practice, it’s difficult to clear the test.

9.How to apply for PTE?

You can log on t the pearso’s website and then can apply.

10.Do I need to submit any documents?

No need to submit any documents.

11.What are the documents do I need in order to book the test?

Passport, debit or credit card are essential to book for the test.

12.How to book the test date?

Once you log on to the pearson’s website, you can select the place tes timings that are convenient to you and then can regiser for certain test date.

13.How do I know that whether my application is accepted is not?

You will get a confirmation mail or else you can login to the pesrson’s website and can check your application status.

14.Do I need to send any documents to the council?

No need to send any documents.

15.Can I retake the test?

Yes. If you feel that the scores are not sufficient, you can take up the test.

16.What is the PTE band score?

It is 10-90

17.When will I get the test scores?

Wihin in 2-5 business days the resuls will be published.

18.Who conduct PTE?

PTE council conducts this computer based test every month on prefixed dates in selected prometric test centres.

19.How many PTE test centres are there in India?

Totally 6-8 centers usually conduct the test in India.

20.What is the acceptable Id proof?

Generally Passport is the acceptable id proof.

21.How to know more details about the PTE test dates?

http://pearsonpte.com/ – Ths link can provide more details abot the test dates.

22.Can I club 2 test scores?

No. You canot.

23.How many times per year does the council conduct the test?

Except on national holidays, all most through out the year PTE test dates are available.

24.What is the acceptable PTE score for student Visa?

Yes. It is acceptable.

25.What is the acceptable PTE score for immigrant Visa?

It is accetable for Australia nad New Zealand immigationpupose.

26.After how many days do they publish the results?

Usually after 3-5 days they publish the test results.

27.How to clear PTE test?

With properpractice,one can clear the test easily.

28.What questions do they generally ask?

Usually they ask high academic standard related topics that are extracted from various sources.

29.How many questions are there in listening?

8 Different types of questions like fill in the blanks, re-tell lecture….. are given in the test.

30.Do they repeat the questions?

No. There is no repetition.

31.Do I need to speak with accent?

It’s better to speak in neutral accent if you could not speak with the native accent.

32.Is there any particular time limit for each module?

Yes there is particular time slot for each module. I.e. Listening -45-57 mins, Speaking & writing- 77-93 mins, Reading – 32-41 mins.

33.What happens if I fail to complete the answer with in the given time?

If you fail to answer within the time, you will not have a chance to check or complete your answer, as the next question will be automatically displayed on the screen.

34.Do I get any extra time to check my answers after the test?

No. You will not get any extra time to check your answers.

35.Is it a single day test?

Yes the whole test on a single day unlike IELTS.

36.Which materials do I need to practice?

You can refer to PTE authorized practice material. Along with this you can also practice listening or reading through free resources that are available online.

37.What is the best score in PTE?

It depends on the profession, purpose of the visit. Usually 65 is the best score for Academic purpose whereas, 75+ is the best score for immigration purpose.

38.How many days do I need to practice if I need to clear PTE?

There is no such guarantee that if you can practice certain number of days, you can clear the test. It’s not number of days, it’s all about how well you have practiced and how much you are focused.

39.Can I book the slot easily?

Yes. PTE test slots are easily available.

40.How many days in advance do I need to book the test date?

As the availability is more, you can book at least 1 week before the test as well.

41.What is the test fee?

It is 11,300 INR.

42.What is the mode of payment?

You can pay through credit or debit card.

43.Is it a computer based test?

Yes. It is a computer based test.

44.Who evaluate the answer sheets?

PTE Follows computer based evaluation.

45.Who can take up PTE?

Any one, who wishes to pursue higher studies or to apply for immigration, they can take up this test.

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