The Reading Sub-Test has to be completed within an hour (60 Mins.)

There are two parts in the Reading Sub-Test: Part A (15 mins) and Part B (45 mins)

Reading Test –PART A

Part A is a “summary task” where you have to fill in the spaces (25-35) given in the summary passage in the answer sheet. These answers have to be taken from the 3-4 short texts related to a single topic.

To answer correctly, you have to skim through the short passages and write the correct answers in the answer sheet. The answer sheet has two columns, and you have to fill in the answers in the right hand column, according to the number in the blanks


It is important to monitor the time for ‘”Part A – Reading test “as, the time is short and the answer sheet will be taken away by the evaluator after 15 minutes.

A minimum of 33% in Part A and 66% in Part B needs to be scored to clear the reading test. If the candidate could score more in (Part A-that would help in the overall score even if the candidate scores less in Part-B).


Strategies with solved examples:

  1. There is no need to read all the texts entirely as you will not have enough time. Just read the headings and the first few lines of each text and find out the major key words and the main topics each passage is dealing with

Here are portions of the 4 texts given in Part A:

Reading Tips and StrategiesReading Tips and Strategies (2)










Reading Tips and Strategies (3)

2. The major theme through these passages, you can see are: Pre-term Birth, what causes pre-term                             births?,current trends in pre-term births, some statistics, risks of pre-term birth and economics of pre-term                 birth—how much it costs the country to treat pre-term babies.

3. Skim through the passages. Spend no more than 3-4 minutes, quickly going over the passages.Analyze the       content of each passage quickly.

4. Summarize the passage contents quickly:

Passage 1 Talks about a pre-term infant and how she survived

Passage 2 is slightly longer than the other two, and it talks about the research findings on the causes of pre-term        birth. You may read the first lines of ach paragraph and note the significant names of the researchers, some key          words such as some medical terminology, abbreviations etc.

Passage 3 is a report from 2010 that talks about the drop in USAs pre-term death rates and gives statistics from        1990 onwards

5. Now go to the answer sheet and read the summary. Usually the answers are arranged according to the                       passages, so that you can go to passage 1 and find the answer for qs 1and 2 in the 1st passage, 3 onwards in 2nd            and longer passage and the last few answers in the last passage, and so on.

6. Some answers are directly in the text itself:

           Look at the answers for the first bit of the summary. The answers are in the highlighted text:

Reading Tips and Strategies (4)

7. For some answers, change the format of the word or use a few words (2- 3 words) to describe a                       situation or condition.

Reading Tips and Strategies (6)

8. Some answers have to be inferred from the passage. This means that you have to read and comprehend an               entire phrase or sentence to find the right answer:

Reading Tips and Strategies (7)

9. Some answers have to be derived from some fraction, ratio or percentage given in the text. For this type of       question calculate the answer from the figures given in the text:

Reading Tips and Strategies (8)

10.Time your answers.2-3 minutes to scan and skim the texts. Use about 10-12 minutes to complete your                 answers. And about a minute to check your answers. Remember, you cannot go back to part A, once you                         move on to part B.

11. Make sure your answers are filled in the correct numbers in the answer column on the right.

12. It is a challenge not to complete the task with in the given time but it is essential to get the minimum correct           points for instance 17/24 in part-A is essential. Here accuracy plays a key role.





Reading Test– PART B

       You have 45 minutes to complete this test.You have two read two passages of 600-800 words each and then                  answer the questions. These passages will be on health related topics in general and is not profession specific.              There will be a maximum of 20 questions in all. This test consists of MCQs or Multiple choice questions. You                have to choose 1 correct answer from 4 answer choices.


        Strategies with solved examples:

  1. Most important for doing this test is that you must have prior experience to reading long texts. At least three months before the test, start reading articles from medical journals.
  2. Another way of preparing for the reading test is to read long passages and jot down the main points from the text. This is a way of practicing “comprehension”: this means you must understand what you have read.
  3. In the reading test, after each passage, there are 8-10 questions.
  4. Read the entire text, jot down the topic and main key words.
  5. Underline the areas where any percentage and numbers are mentioned, as you are sure to get some of those questions as well.
  6. Next, read all the questions, at least 5 of them and search for the answers in the text and underline or mark those areas as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  as per the questions. Next, start with the first question and work on it.
  7. The obvious thing to do when multiple choice questions are given is to first score out the obviously wrong ones. The correct answer will be obviously stated in the text.
  8. Skip the difficult questions and move on to the easier ones, then later come back to the difficult ones and spend more time. This way, you will avoid getting stuck on one question and wasting time.
  9. Time management is the key here. For 1 passage plan to complete the reading and answering of question within 20 minutes. That way, you would finish 2 passages in 40 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for corrections and checking.
  10. Questions like: Which of the following is FALSE, means 3 options are true and only one is false. Similarly, Which of the following is TRUE, means there is only one “true” statement.
  11. Another form of question would be: Which of the following is NOT given as a problem… here again, read the whole passage and the correct answer would be only the statement that is not mentioned anywhere in the passage.
  12. There are also questions that give an answer choice as all of the above or none of the above. This may be confusing but go through every answer choice, search the passage and then tick off the wrong/right answers. If all answers are wrong, then none of the above will apply and if all answers are right, then all of the above will apply. Of course, there could be just one answer choice that may be correct, so do not get misled by the question format.
  13. Score: Minimum of 14 out of 20

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