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Every year, there are nearly 500,000 business school applicants applying to the best business schools in the world and the number keeps increasing. Business schools require great GMAT scores, relevant work experience and excellent recommendations and credentials. Apart from these qualifications, Business Schools also focus on an applicant’s communication skills, leadership qualities, vision and initiative among many other personal qualities. Your resume and graduation school grades and academic credits do not present the practical side of you. You may be academically brilliant but may not be able to present your ideas to anyone. This sort of candidate will not stand a good chance in a Business School. Your admission therefore will largely depend on your ability to present your experiences and goals in the written form. If you check all the topics for admission essays, most of them ask you to talk about your life experiences and your vision for the future. In short they are seeking to see how different you are from others, how you have handled your problems so far and how you will stand apart in a crowd. The ability to stand out will clinch you a seat at the Business School where you will be competing with many equals.


  • All Essays submitted to Business Schools need to be original.
  • Every Business School has methods of finding out whether these essays are lifted or plagiarized. Even if you cannot write a good essay by yourself, never submit anything by unfair means. Your name will be blacklisted and you will lose out on your dream forever.
  • Learn more about plagiarism at ”http://www.plagiarism.org/.”


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