Statement of Purpose

Personal Statement/Statement of Purpose

A personal statement or admissions essay gives you an opportunity to present yourself. Moreover, it enables you to distinguish yourself from other candidates. An admissions committee at the university evaluates you, as an applicant through your personal statement.

What do Universities want to know about you ?

Apart from your grades and references, Universities would like to read your personal statement in order to know more about you and to find out where you are headed. If you are applying to one of the top colleges, it is likely that everyone applying there will have good grades and excellent credentials. However, the Universities you are applying to would like to know that you are indeed capable of taking on the demands of your coursework and that you will not drop out of college midway. Universities get superior rating through where their students get placed, the research they do and through the prestigious posts their alumni hold in the world job market. Your college would like to know if you have the potential to stick to your area of study and make a name for yourself and thereby for the University. For example Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton and other such Universities have produced Nobel Laureates and world leaders and students flock to such universities in order to gather experience and benefit from their curriculum, activities and their teaching. The University would like to know whether you will fit in there and how you will contribute to the University through your academics and other activities.

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