The OET Writing Sub-Test consists of a profession specific task of writing a letter of referral. The task simulates a real-life work situation .You will need to write a letter to another medical professional transferring the patient under your care to him/her giving him/her appropriate, relevant and clear instructions and advice on the patient’s current medical condition and why the patient is being transferred.. You could be asking another medical professional to advice your patient; asking another doctor to take the case of the patient forward; ask for surgery to be performed; ask for specific care to be provided to the patient; prescribe specific kind of treatment or exercise or diet to the patient. There could be many more such situations.

The writing task is profession specific and is therefore different for nurses, dentists, doctors, physiotherapists etc. You will be presented with the case notes of the patient from which you will have to use relevant information to compose a referral letter.

The entire task has to be completed in 45 minutes and the letter should be no more than 200 words long.

The following are the assessment parameters on which you will be marked:

  • Overall Task Fulfillment: Length of the letter, letter format
  • Appropriateness of Language:Tone,organization and vocabulary
  • Comprehension of Stimulus : Use relevant information from the notes to provide appropriate response
  • Linguistic Features (grammar and cohesion): Correct grammar, sentence structure, use of tenses

Presentation Features (spelling, punctuation, layout): Divide into paragraphs, use correct spellings and use punctuation marks correctly.




Time allowed: 40 minutes

Today’s Date



Ms Nicole Smith is an 18 year old woman who has just given birth to her first child at the Spirit

Mothers’ Hospital in Brisbane. You are the nurse looking after her.

Patient Details

Address: Flat 4, Matthews Street, West End 4101

Phone: (07) 3441 3257

Date of Birth: 4 September 1991

Admitted: 9th September 2009

Discharged: 13th September 2009

Marital Status: Single

Country of birth: Australia

Social Background

Nicole is single and has had no contact with father of child for six months. She does not know his current address.

No family members in Brisbane. Parents and sister live in Rockhampton. Does not currently have contact with them.

Lives in a rental share flat with one other woman. Currently receives sole parent benefits


Feels very isolated and insecure. Doubts her ability to be a good mother and has talked about offering the baby for adoption.


Medical History

General health good

Had appendicectomy at 15 years


No alcohol or illicit drug use.

No drug or other allergies

Obstetric History

First pregnancy

Attended for first antenatal visit at 16 weeks gestation.

8 antenatal visits in total.

No antenatal complications.

Birth details

Presented to hospital at 1900hrs on 9th September

Contracting 1:10mins

1st stage of labour: 16 hrs

Mode of delivery: Emergency Caesarean Section

1st stage of labour: 16 hrs

Mode of delivery: Emergency Caesarean Section.

Reason: Fetal distress and failure to progressoet

Baby Details

DOB: 10th September 2009

Time: 1120hrs

Sex: Male


Weight: 4.4 kgTime: 1120hrs Sex: Male

Apgar Score: 6 at 1 min, 9 at 5 mins

Resusitation: O2 only for few minutes



Postnatal Progress

Maternal post partumhaemorrhage of 800mls

Blood loss now minimaloet

Wound: Clean and dry

Haemoglobin on 12/09/08: 90 g/L

Started on Fefol (Iron supplement) and Vitamin C

Started breast feeding but not confident. Prefers to change to bottle feeding

Not confident in bathing and caring for baby

Baby weight at discharge: 4.1 kg

Feeding well

No jaundice


Community Child Health Service

41 Vulture Street

West End, 4101

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Ms Nicole Smith

DOB: 04/09/1991

I am writing to refer this patient, an 18-year-old single mother who delivered a baby boy on the 10/09/09. Nicole had difficulty with vaginal delivery which took 16 hours of labour. Therefore, due to

fetal distress and progress failure an emergency caesarean section was performed.

The baby is progressing quite well with breast feeding and is gaining weight and is currently 4.4kg. Fefol and Vitamin C were prescribed to Nicole as her blood examination revealed low numbers in

her hemoglobin from blood loss.

Nicole has no relatives in Brisbane and no contact with her family or the father of the baby. She lives in a rented flat with one other young woman and is on a single mother’s pension.

My main concern is that she does not believe she has the ability to breastfeed, bathe or care for her baby and is considering adoption. It would be greatly appreciated if you could organize a home visit for Nicole and the baby. Nicole requires appropriate advice and assistance to encourage her to develop parenting skills due to her isolated circumstances.

Thank you for agreeing to assist in this matter. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Charge Nurse

Spirit Mother’s Hospital



June 1, 2016


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