Things to avoid in SOP for MBA

Things to avoid in SOP for MBA:


An SOP for an MBA program has to be creative, well structured, free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

 Avoid copying another person’s ideas. You will need to stand out as your own person and display your own personality.
 Do not ever copy someone else’s SOP—this amounts to plagiarism and will most definitely be rejected
 Avoid making up stories and fictional experiences. This results in a far fetched, over the top scenario and the admission committee will be sure to detect that this is not your own story. It would be better if you could write about your own experiences in life, at work, at school that helped you grow as a person
 Do not make yourself out to be supernatural hero who succeeds at everything and has never failed in life. This is because that makes you an unreal character. You can talk about your failures and how these failures taught you to be a better person or how you overcame difficulties. This will show you as strong person with immense mental strength.
 Do not express your weaknesses unless you are able to show that you could overcome those weaknesses. For example, don’t show that you are a very short tempered person and that you propose to be that way always.
 Do not mention if you have been fired from a job or expelled from school/college or if you have been a trouble maker. You do not want to make the admission committee suspicious of you.
 Do not repeat information given in your resume—instead talk about your learning from each life experience
 Do not make spelling mistakes—use spell check or refer to the dictionary
 Do not use long winding sentences without punctuations. Instead, use short meaningful sentences. As an MBA applicant, it is necessary that your language should be very good.
 Do not make grammatical errors—use your tenses correctly
 Do not go back and forth in time in your SOP. You are writing an essay and not a short story. You should write in chronological order—either from past to now or from current time to the past. This would make the essay readable and comprehendable
 Do not end without stating your long term and short term goals
 Do not write the SOP without researching about the University you are applying to because you must mention in your SOP why you are seeking admission in that University


December 6, 2016

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