Time management in PTE -Academic reading tips

Time management in PTE -Academic reading tips:

What is the format of the PTE Academic Reading?


In the PTE Reading section the first step is to familiarize yourself with the PTE Reading format.

PTE Reading test has 5 question types and 2-5 tasks under each question type. There will be a mix of Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the Blanks and Re-order Paragraphs questions. So you have to read passages about 100-300 words long and answer questions on them.A total of maximum 20 passages may have to be read and questions responded to.


What is the time limit set for PTE Academic Reading Test?


32-42 minutes is the time limit given to answer all the questions.


What is the importance of Time Management in PTE Academic?


In all the language proficiency tests, we wonder why a time limit is set. Time limit is set to determine how resourcefully a particular skill is learnt and applied in a test. It is also measures the practical efficiency and the level of proficiency in a person. It also mirrors one’s organization abilities. In the PTE Test, it establishes your competency to organize your thoughts and present them within the given framework. The Pearson’s Test of English Academic measures the communicative skills of a person in the English language. It checks if a person is able to communicate in English efficiently in his everyday life. So, to get a good grade in this test, one must be able to read, listen, comprehend and also speak clearly and fluently within the given time limit.

For a first time PTE test taker, time management may turn out to be one of the primary reasons he/she failed to get a high score. Even if you are a quick reader and your vocabulary is good,time management is of utmost importance. This is because you will fail to score high if you are slow in answering questions. You may not be able to complete the test even though you knew all the answers.


Time Management in PTE Academic Reading


  • Most of the questions in the PTE Speaking section are independently time bound. In the writing section, tasks like Essay Writing is assigned with 20 minutes time to complete one essay and Summarize Spoken Text is provided with 10 minutes for a single question’s answer. The Reading section and the Listening section are timed overall, with a total time set between 32-42 minutes and 45-57 minutes respectively.
  • In the reading section, you will have 32 to 42 minutes to complete answering all the given questions. The time allotted will be according to the number of questions asked in that particular test. You will be given a number of passages followed by questions and options to answer. So, one must remember to keep an eye on the timer.
  • We often observe that PTE aspirants get held up with particular challenging questions. By the time they realize it, they would have spent quite a lot of time and would not have enough time to spare for the rest of the questions and hence lose marks due to overthinking and improper time management. So, one has to learn to move on to the next question if a particular question seems to be problematic as you have limited time. Allocating not more than 5 minutes to answer each question seems to be a good strategy.
  • In the test, you may come across lengthy passages which will certainly consume more time. So, one has to learn to manage such passages and the questions that follow carefully. Practice and track the time you have taken to decipher each question. This method has to be applied to all the question types like multiple choice – choose single answer and choose multiple answers, reorder paragraphs and also the fill in the blanks questions. This will help you assess which area is consuming more time and thus lets you figure out the remedial measures to decrease the errors.
  • It is evident that choose single answer and choose multiple answer questions consume the maximum amount of time in this section of the PTE exam. So you must not spend too much time on reading the passages alone. You must learn to read and comprehend the passages in a go. You must also make a note of all the key words and points which will save time and support to look for the correct answers. Don’t divert your attention by swapping between lines. This may hamper the comprehension process which may lead to choosing the wrong answer.
  • Division of time in the PTE exam is a complex process as time differs according to the length and intricacy of the given questions. So you have to track the time on your own while answering.
  • Questions like fill in the blanks are straightforward with probably two to four sentences and hence they consume less time. They may be complex or easy questions or may also be a mixture of the two. So read the sentences carefully to comprehend the sentences and choose the correct answers for all the blank spaces provided.
  • The speed for reading along with comprehension skills play an important role in time management. So, concentration and focus is an absolute necessity in the PTE exam. Comprehension speed is the time one needs to read and understand a given piece of information. This can be improved by reading articles, newspaper and good quality books, by watching English channels on the television and also listening to the radio. This will not only review your general knowledge and but also improve your comprehending skills. The more you indulge in English language learning activities, the more it will help during exam and to complete the given questions on time.
  • Time management is crucial to get a good score in the PTE exam. So, you must make a study plan and start practicing with mock tests and practice exercises to evaluate your performance and also to work with concentration. You must learn to focus on the areas that need your attention that needs improvement.




April 14, 2018

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