Tips to score well in PTE reading

Tips to score well in PTE reading:

The PTE Academic reading test, tests your ability to understand written English in an Academic environment. The texts given in the test are on multiple subjects like natural sciences, social sciences or humanities.

The PTE Academic Reading test asks you to identify main points and them of the test; infer the meaning of words; understand, organize and classify different pieces of information.

In the PTE Academic Reading test, language proficiency of test takers is measured with the help of various questions like multiple choice-Single answer/Multiple answers”, “fill in the blanksand “organize the given text”

*If you are a beginner in English usage, you must prepare yourself for the PTE Academic Reading test with a lot of seriousness. Start by reading a lot of English academic material from a library. You can also read some articles online. Make notes from what you have read to determine if you have understood what the main points are. Use the dictionary to find out the meanings of different words.Enrol with an English tutor or coaching class or ask a friend who knows good English to help you.

In the actual PTE Academic reading test the following points will help you:

  1. Read the instructions carefully :

 It is important to read the instructions carefully, even before you give your response because you will not have a chance to go to the previous question and correct your response as it is a computer based test.

There are “multiple choice questions”, with single response and multiple response choices. So be cautious and mark your answers.

  1. Negative marking:

 If you are not aware of this, you will lose marks.

In the PTE Academic Reading test, “Multiple choice-Multiple answer” category has negative marking. That is, all correct answers get maximum score but an incorrect answer will fetch a negative mark.

For example, if a question has 3 possible correct responses, and you choose all 3 correct, you get 3 marks, but 2 correct and 1 wrong ,you will get only 1 point (2 correct minus 1 mark) and 2 wrong out of 3 will fetch you (-1) mark. This will affect your total score.

So be cautious while marking the answers.

 3. Collocations

Collocation refers to a natural combination of words that are closely affiliated with each other.

For example: regular basis, target audience…….

Collocations play a key role in PTE Academic Reading, especially in “Fill in the blanks” section. For this, if the test taker has command over the language, it would be a great asset for him/her and can score the maximum in this section.

For example, look at this example.










In this, if we read carefully, we can easily identify the answers, if we can recognize the collocations given in the text that are highlighted in green colour.

If we closely observe the highlighted words, we can guess the answers as they give aus a clue.

For instance, look at the 3rd blank.

The answer is Ashamed. We can easily guess this, as the other related word guiltywas given there.

Now look at 4th blank. Any is the key word that is there with which we can easily write the answer as “other”

  1. Guess

 Sometimes the task would be really tough and we may not be able to guess the right option. In such a case guessing really helps.

For this

  • First read the given paragraph / fill in the blanks carefully.
  • Next try to identify the collocations, with which you can guess a few answers.
  • If not, try to eliminate the irrelevant words that are mentioned as options.
  • Finally, you can identify the correct answer easily.

Now look at the sample text and the options given below.

pte-training-bangalore                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Summit     Grains      Rich    Fertile            Surface     Nourishment    clouds    planting

In this example, you need to identify the collocations in order to mark the correct answer. If you could not do this, then you can guess the answers by eliminating the options one-by-one.

For this first of all you need to identify the core concept of thegiven paragraph that will help you in the elimination process.


In this example, look at the 2nd blank with the help of the given clue — land into desert. By looking at this question, automatically the nearest answers flash in our mind :Farm / rich / fertile/ crop growing…….We can guess the right answer i.e. fertile land. In fact it is a collocation as well. Likewise you can easily recognize the remaining blanks.


  1. Focus on the main idea


Is is important to focus on the main idea of a passage. This technique is mostly useful in Multiple choice- Multiple answers.

For example, look at this sample text and the given question.

In 1861, Matthew Brady, a well-known portrait photographer, approached President Lincoln requesting permission to move freely about the country photographing the Civil War. Lincoln granted him permission to travel anywhere with the Union armies,and his record of this conflict brought home to millions the horrors of war.


Brady wasn’t the first official war photographer. Six years earlier, Roger Fenton, a lawyer and amateur photographer, had returned from the Crimea, having been personally chosen by Queen Victoria andPrince Albert. However, his instructions were more likely to have been to send back work that boosted morale back home rather than the terrible realities of war.


Brady’s coverage of the war made him a household name, but he had hundreds of assistants, and it’s even possible that he didn’t take any of the 7,000 pictures that were marketed under his name. But no one else could have organized the large army of photographers needed to cover the broad sweep of the war and provided access to many leading generals and politicians.

Now look at this question and the options.










Now look at the highlighted words in the passage, as they give a clear idea about Mr. Brady. Based upon the information, we can easily identify the main idea that “This paragraph talks about the official recording of the civil war that occurred in 1861, which will be an evidence of the incident”.

Once we know that it’s all about the photography, we can easily mark the answers.

Whereas the answers are –1, 2, 4 (Highlighted in green in the text).



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