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1.What is TOEFL?
It means “A Test of English As A Foreign language”.
2.Which countries accept the TOEFL scores?
Most of the USA universities accept the TOEFL scores. Whereas, TOEFL scores are accepted in more than 130 countries.
3.What is the validity of the TOEFL scores?
TOEFL Scores validity is 2 years.
4.Is it a common test for immigration and higher studies?
Yes. It is a common test for all.
5.What is the best score in TOEFL?
90+ is a best score in TOEFL.
6.How much do I need to score, if I want to study in Australia?
You need to score at least 94 in TOEFL, if you wish to study in the best universities in Australia.
7.I am a Doctor. Can I take up TOEFL?
Yes you can take up TOEFL as per the revised AHPRA Rules from 1st July 2015.
8.How many modules are there in TOEFL?
There are 4 modules in TOEFL.
9.What is the maximum marks limit in TOEFL?
The maximum marks are 120.
10.What is the TOEFL scoring pattern?
It’s 0-120.
11.How much do I need to score in TOEFL, if I need to study in MIT?
You need to score 100 or more in TOEFL for this.
12.If I score 75, can I get admission in Texas A&M?
No. If it is an undergraduate program the score should be 100 and for Graduate programs it should be 80.
13.Can I write IELTS, if I wish to seek admission in the US Universities?
Yes. There are certain universities even in the USA that accept the IELTS Scores.
14.How to book the test date?
You can log on to www.ets.org/toefl/ibt/ for test date booking.
15.Do I need to submit any documents?
No need to submit any documents.
16.What are the documents do I need in order to book the test?
You should have the original scanned passport copy, in order to book for the test.
17.How do I know that whether my application is accepted is not?
Once you finish the payment, it automatically takes you to your log in page as you have completed the registration process.
18.Do I need to send any documents to the council?
The council never ask any test taker to send documents at the time of registration.
19.Can I retake the test?
Yes. You can retake the test if you are not satisfied with the test scores.
20.How many times per year they conduct the test dates?
Every year ETS conducts TOEFL tests more than 50 times.
21.Can I check on line the available test dates?
Yes you can check the available test dates.
22.Can I apply for the test in person?
No. You can apply through online only.
23.What is the mode of the payment?
Credit card payment is only acceptable.
24.What is the TOEFL test fee?
It is 190USD. For Indian students it is 11,300 INR.
25.How many days will take to publish the results?
It will take 2 weeks to announce the test results.
26.How to clear TOEFL?
With proper practice and guidance, one can clear the test easily. Not only this, your prior knowledge, command over the language skills also really matters.
27.What topics they usually ask in TOEFL?
They usually ask academic lectures, reading extracts from university-level text books. Whereas for speaking and writing you will have integrated tasks as well.
28.Which module is tough in TOEFL?
Each module is equally challenged.
29.Can I clear TOEFL?
Yes. You can clear the test easily, if you can practice well for the test.
30.Can I get the test dates availability immediately?
Immediate test dates availability is not possible. You can select the test dates at least 1-2 weeks prior to the exam.
31.How many months in advance do I need to book for the test date?
It’s better, if you can book 2-3 months in advance for the test date.
32.Is it a computer based test?
Yes. It’s commonly known as TOEFL-iBt.
33.Do I need to carry anything to the test centre?
Yes. You are advised to carry an original valid passport with you.
34.Where can I get the TOEFL practice material?
You can access free resources that are available in ETS website.
35.Is it easy for a below average student to clear TOEFL?
It is not so easy for any candidate who does not possess the good language skills.
But with the thorough practice, they can clear the test.
36.How long do we need to practice in order to score well in TOEFL?
At least 6-8 weeks prior to the test, you should start the preparation.
37.Can I get practice materials on line?
Yes. You can access a few free practice materials, test samples through nternet.
38.Which book is the best book to practice TOEFL test pattern?
Either Kaplan iBT or Barron’s iBT you can refer.
39.Do I need to speak like a native speaker?
If you can it would an advantage to you. If not try to have the neutral accent. But never try to imitate any accent.
40.Do I get any extra time to check the answers?
No. As it is a computer based test, you will not get any extra time to check the answers.

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